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The Best Female in MTV

 We are going to start the week with the Best female in MTV EMA :

      Taylor Swift





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Text about halloween traditions

Do you want to know more about Halloween?
If yes, read the next text :

Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the world, from Japan to the USA.
It takes place on the 31
st October. People usually wear scary costumes and attend
Halloween parties. In the USA, “trick or treating” is also popular.
Halloween probably originated in Ireland, from the Celtic festival “Samhain”. It was
a festival which celebrated the end of summer – the “lighter” half of the year and
the beginning of the “darker” half. People believed that evil spirits would come
out on this day, and so to protect themselves they wore costumes and masks to
look like evil spirits themselves. The word “Halloween” comes from the Scottish
“All-Hallows-Even”, which means “the day before All-Hallows”. All Hallows is the “Day
of the Dead”, observed in many cultures around the world. These days Halloween
is more popular in the USA than anywhere else.
Probably the most important tradition in the celebration of Halloween is dressing
up in costumes. Popular choices of costumes are ghosts, witches, wizards, vampires,
werewolves, demons and devils.
A jack-o-lantern is a carved out pumpkin with a candle inside. A scary face is carved
on one side of the pumpkin. Originally, in Ireland and Britain, jack-o-lanterns were
made from turnips, but in the USA there were lots of pumpkins and much easier
to carve out because of their size.
Trick or treating
This involves going from door to door, dressed in a Halloween costume and asking
for “treats”, such as sweets, cakes or money. The question “trick or treat?” means
“give me a treat or I’ll play a trick on you!”

Halloween Game

Here you are some games to learn about Halloween. Try and enjoy it!